sasha gotz regenkleding (1)

Götz dress sets from the 90

Below you can find the dress sets availliable from the second Götz production.

Sasha Dolls Götz

08916 Sasha Götz regenkleding

Rainwear dress set

Produced: 1989-2001

Slightly played with Rainwear dress set. Very good condition and complete. Dark blue vinyl coat, matching rain hat and white knee high boots.

Götz Rainwear dress set 08916 new

Götz Rainwear dress set 08916 new.

New in wrapping, unused and not packed out yet. The set Rainwear.  Made between 1998-2001

schoenen g zwart

Götz shoes black

Götz shoes black

Shoes as new as worn by Annet.

set Toni

Götz set Toni

Götz set Toni
Complete, very good condition. Slightly used for decoration.