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Sasha Gregor Trendon

From 1968 on, Sasha got company of Gregor.

Gregor has been in the collection from 1968 until the closure of the factory in 1986.

Gregor has many differend haircolours, blond, dark and red. In 1972 Caleb, the dark boy was introduced. And finally, one honeyblonde boy, Hiker was there in 1986.

As al the dolls are collectors items, their condition is mentiond as good as possible. Please mail info@sashadolls.nl if you need more additional information.


Sasha Dolls Trendon

309 Sasha Caleb

Sasha Caleb about 1972

Produced: 1971 t/m 1979

 Caleb Black doll Mint but no Box. In a very good state, hair is also in good condition. He is from the beginning of the production. Grey elastics in legs, white in arms. Older shoe version.

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Sasha Dolls Trendon
set school

114S + 314S Sasha Trendon Schoolgirl and Schoolboy

Sasha Trendon Schoolgirl and Schoolboy

Produced: 1983-1986.


Sasha Schoolgirl and Gregor Schoolboy, MIB condition. Boxes are in fair condition. They are missing the pictures of the dolls at the top end.

The dolls are also separate available: Schoolgirl € 210,00. Schoolboy €185,00.

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Sasha Dolls Trendon
304 a

304 Gregor Jumpsuit

Gregor Jumpsuit ong. 1980

Produced: 1979 t/m 1982

Gregor Jumpsuit, mint no box.

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Sasha Dolls Trendon
302 d

302 Gregor Blue Suit *

302 Gregor Blue Suit, about 1978.

Produced: 1975 - 1978.

Nice, not played with Gregor from the last year of his production. His clothing is original. Only the stringing of his underpants is loose. No box but with its tag.


Sasha Dolls Trendon

318 Caleb brown skin *

318 Caleb brown skin. Start '80

Produced: 1980 t/m 1986

Nice Caleb, light brown skin. MIB.

Sasha Dolls Trendon
Gregor Waif a

Sasha Gregor donker Waif

Sasha Gregor Blond Waif end 70's.

Very nice, hardly played with and overall in very good condition, this blonde Gregor. His only problem are his feet. They have blue strains from later Götz Sandals. He is nude.  

Sasha Dolls Trendon

303 Sasha Gregor Sport *

303 Sasha Gregor Sport, ong. 1977

Geproduceerd: 1974-1978

Gregor Sport is onbespeeld en heeft op dit moment geen "falling hair". Hij heeft een doos maar mist zijn tag en zijn bal. Het elastiek in de nek van het shirt is vergaan en geeft een wat gelige streep. Ook het elastiek in de schoentjes is slap. Het elastiek van Gregor zelf is strak en hij kan zelfstandig staan.

Gregor komt uit een niet-rokers huishouden.

Sasha Dolls

314S Gregor School *

314S Gregor School, 1984

Geproduceerd: 1983-1986

Gregor School MIB. The box is in worse condition. Gregor has a shiny spot on his nose from the lid of the box.
Sasha Dolls Trendon

304 Gregor Jumpsuit *

304 Gregor Jumpsuit, ong. 1980

Geproduceerd: 1979 - 1982

Gregor Jumpsuit MIB. The lid of the box gave him a tiny shiny spot on his nose. The shoes are "bleeding".

Sasha Dolls Trendon

309 Sasha Caleb *

309 Sasha Caleb, ong. 1977

Geproduceerd: 1971-1979.

A beautiful Black Caleb. No box or label. Mint condition.


Sasha Dolls Trendon

304 Sasha Gregor Jumpsuit *

304 Sasha Gregor Jumpsuit,  ong. 1980 

Geproduceerd: 1979 - 1982

Onbespeelde en origineel geklede Sasha Gregor Jumpsuit. Hij heeft ook zijn label nog.

Deze Gregor heeft een heel klein rood stipje op de rechterwang, nauwelijks zichtbaar.  


Sasha Dolls Trendon
304 e

304 Sasha Gregor Jumpsuit *

304 Sasha Gregor Jumpsuit, ong. 1980

Geproduceerd: 1979 - 1982

Mooie, onbespeelde Gregor Fair Jumpsuit. Hij komt met label.
Sasha Dolls Trendon
gregor 304 dark

Sasha Gregor dark with jumpsuit *

Sasha Gregor dark with jumpsuit, ong. 1980

Een onbespeelde donkerharige Gregor (haren zitten goed vast) met een onbespeeld Jumpsuit outfit aan.

Gregor heeft zijn label nog.

Sasha Dolls Trendon

303 Sasha Gregor Sport *

303 Sasha Gregor Sport
Een licht bespeelde Gregor Sport, geen label meer. De kleding is compleet en nog in goede conditie. Gregor heeft wat "surface dirt" van het spelen. Lichte speelsporen. De haren zijn in orde, vallen niet uit.
Sasha Dolls Trendon
301 a

301 Gregor Jeans

301 Gregor Jeans, +/- 1980

Made: 1968 -1986

Gregor Jeans, mint with tag. Very good condition. Only his sweater is discoloured. Hairs are good, not falling.

Sasha Dolls Trendon
waif gregor b

Sasha Gregor dark Waif

Sasha Gregor dark Waif +/- 1980

Lovely Gregor Waif with hole in his foot. He is a display doll. Non falling hair and slightly played with.

Sasha Dolls Trendon
301 b

301 Gregor Jeans

301 Gregor Jeans, +/- 1981

Made: 1968 - 1986

Mint Gregor Jeans, non-falling hair. Smoke free collection.
Sasha Dolls Trendon
waif 180540

Gregor fair Waif with Tracksuit

Gregor fair Waif with Tracksuit, +/- 1981

This Gregor Waif is wearing the Tracksuit (only, shoes, trousers and jacket). He has had a little accident which has left him 2 marks on his left hand. Overall is this doll in a very good condition. He is from a non smoking home.

Sasha Dolls Trendon
301 c

301 Gregor Jeans

301 Gregor Jeans, +/- 1979

Made: 1968-1986

Gregor Jeans from a smoke free collection has good and non-falling hair. He is unplayed and his pants will come seperate because it has lost its elastics completely. No tag, no box.

Sasha Dolls Trendon

Gregor Dark waif

Gregor Dark waif, +/- 1982


This Gregor has very good, non-falling hair. He is from a smoke free collection. His stringing is very tight. He is only used as model for making doll clothing.

Sasha Dolls Trendon

318 Caleb brown skin

318 Caleb brown skin 1982

made: 1980-1986

Beautiful Caleb in mint condition with box.
Sasha Dolls Trendon
waif 180440

Gregor Fair waif

Gregor Fair waif, +/- 1977


This Gregor has lovely soft blue eyes. He is from a smoke free collection but has been played with and has playwear. The shiny spots on his left cheek are most visable of the playwear and there is a tiny rub on his upper lip. His hair is fine and not falling.

312 Gregor Cord

312 Gregor Cord, 1982

made: 1982 - 1986

Gregor Cord is restrung. He is complete with box and is from a smoke free collection.

Sasha Dolls Trendon

4-301 Sasha Gregor dark Denims

4-301 Sasha Gregor dark Denims +/- 1971

Made: 1968 -1986

Beautiful Mint Dark Gregor with Puddle eyes, putty lips and non-falling hair. Lovely condition with larger tag.
Sasha Dolls Trendon

309 Sasha Caleb *

309 Sasha Caleb ong. 1977

Geproduceerd: 1971 - 1979


Lovely mint Caleb, he has his label but no box.