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Modern shoes for Sasha, Gregor, Baby and Toddler

The Käthe Kruse collection shoes for Elea/Sophie and the Girls, fit quite good.

To replace old, lost or damaged schoes, the Käthe Kruse collection offers a large serie of Shoes, boots etc. for Sasha and Gregor.

Click on the images to see how they fit Sasha or Gregor.

For Baby and Toddler, the babyshoes made by Götz fit very well.  

sasha met schoenen kk (8)

Käthe Kruse slippers for Sasha

kk 2013 schoenen ballerina rood

Käthe Kruse shoes for Sasha red

2015 kk schoenen girls green

Käthe Kruse Ballerina's green


Götz Mice shoes pink

kk 2013 schoenen sandalen rood

Sandals Red for Sasha Baby and toddler

Delivery time:5-7 dagen
kk schoenen all stars turquoise

Käthe Kruse all star trainers

Delivery time:5-7 dagen
gotz babyschoen roze (1)

Götz shoes pink for baby and toddler

gotz schoenen groen baby

Götz shoes green for Sasha Baby and Toddler

2015 kk schoenen girls furry paars

Käthe Kruse Furry Boots Purple for Sasha

2015 kk schoenen girls laarzen rood

Käthe Kruse cowboy boots red

gotz schoenen ballet baby

Gotz shoes ballet for baby

2015 kk schoenen girls orange

Käthe Kruse Ballerina's orange

kk 2013 schoenen sandalen gold

Sandals gold

gotz schoenen ugg roze baby (1)

Götz Uggs for Sasha Baby and Toddler