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Sasha limited and special editions Trendon production

Our collection limited and special editions.

From 1981 upto the closure of the Trendon Factory in 1986, a limited edition doll was produced every year

1981 Velvet

1982 Pintucks

1983 Kiltie

1984 Harlequin

1985 Prince Gregor

1986 Princess Sasha


There are four other dolls who are special because of the short time produced.

1985 Anniversary, a doll like the first Sasha made by Trendon in 1965.

1986 Sari, every Sari wear a different Sari. About 500 are made.

1986 Wintersport. About 400 are made.

1986 Hiker, the only honeyblonde boy. There are about 350-400 Hikers made.  

Sasha Dolls Trendon

1985 Prince Gregor

1985 Prince Gregor 1985


Prince Gregor with Certificate, no box. He is in very good condition with lovely dark blue eyes.

His only fault is a small yellow spot at the inside of his left hand. The shop were he was sold in 1985 put the price sticker there and that was not removed by the owner over all this years. Now it left a small yellow spot