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Sasha Clothing Trendon

From the start of the production, extra clothing sets were available.

Lots of clothing were also seperate available and not only on dolls. But there were also sets only as dress set and not available on the dolls at all.

Sasha and Gregor had 10 differend packages, for baby, there were 8.

We offer a lot of MIB, new and used original clothing. To dress Sasha modern, there is a lot of nice fitting clothing from the Käthe Kruse colection. Click HERE for Sasha/Gregor sets and HERE voor Baby en Toddler. 

Underwear and socks you find HERE .

Good shoes for Sasha are a problem. Lots of original shoes got lost or simply get damaged by playing with them. The Käthe Kruse shoes are a good replacement. Click HERE for all the different types.

Sasha Dolls Trendon

215 Sasha Summer dress 1979

Sasha Summerdress, box 8 1979.


Dress set MIB (shoes get yellow strains). It was also used for Cora 1977-1979.



215 Summerdress *

215 Summerdress, box 7: 1977-1978
Summerdress, new in box. Box is type nr 7 from 1977-1978.
Sasha Dolls Trendon
215 summerdress

215 Summerdress *

215 Summerdress, 1977-1978

Summerdress, original condition. The box is box 7: 1977 - 1978.

209 Kilt *

209 Kilt, 1977-1978
Kilt set, new in box. Box is type 7: from 1977-1978
Sasha Dolls Trendon

803 Pyjamas *

803 Pyjamas, 1977-1978

Box nr. 7

MIB set Pyjamas for Sasha and Gregor. Cellofaan will get loose.
Sasha Dolls Trendon

804 Raincoat

804 Raincoat, box 7 1977 - 1978

Produced: 1974 t/m 1986

 Raincoat, MIB. This outfit is a dress set only, not sold on a doll.



Sasha Dolls Trendon

609S Sasha Baby Nest

Sasha Baby Nest

Geproduceerd van 1983 t/m 1986

Set Sasha Baby Nest, MIB.


Sasha Dolls Trendon
sasha 609s nest b

609s Sasha baby nest set

609s Sasha baby nest set

Made: 1983 - 1986

Set Baby Nest, MIB.
Sasha Dolls Trendon
sasha 602 a

602 set Wooly *

602 set Wooly, box 8: 1982-1986

Set Wooly MIB
Sasha Dolls Trendon

922 Sasha DIY Gregor set

922 Sasha DIY Gregor set

Produced 1978 t/m 1983.

The DIY boy set, complete with the red boots. 


Sasha Dolls Trendon

921 Sasha DIY Sasha set

Sasha DIY Sasha set.

Produced: 1978 t/m 1983.

DIY set Sasha, complete with the sandals.


Sasha Dolls Trendon

803 Sasha Gregor Pyjamas

803 Sasha Gregor Pyjamas, about 1977

Produced 1968 t/m 1980.

The Pyjamas set in played-with but complete and good condition.



Set Sport

Set sport, no ball. Clothing has some yellow strains and the elastics in shorts and shoes get loose. 
Sasha Dolls Trendon
803 pyjamas

803 Sasha set Pyjamas *

803 Pyjamas, box no 9 1980-1982


Set Pyjamas, MIB. Good condition.
Sasha Trendon
806 a

806 Sasha Set Tracksuit*

806 Sasha Set Tracksuit, box no 9 1980-1982

Tracksuit MIB. Shoes have some "bleeding" at the bottom.

Sasha Trendon
208 a

208 Sasha Holiday Set *

208 Sasha Holiday Set, Box 9 1980-1982

Hard to find set clothing: Holiday. MIB
Sasha Trendon
804 b

804 Sasha Set Raincoat *

804 Sasha Set Raincoat, Box no 9 1980-1982

Raincoat, MIB. Very good condition. Sold as set only.
Sasha Trendon
808 a

808 Sasha set Mackintosh *

808 Sasha set Mackintosh, Box no 9 1980-1982

MIB the very hard to find set Mackintosh. Only sold as dress set.
Sasha Trendon

216s Sasha Set Sailing Suit *

216s Sasha Set Sailing Suit, Box no 9: 1980-1982

Set Sasha Sailing Suit, MIB. Bottom part of the front from the box is loose. 
Sasha Trendon
208 a

206 Sasha Set Ballet *

206 Sasha Set Ballet, box no 9 1980-1982

Ballet set MIB. Very good condition.